Welcome to Pet Doctors of America’s Pet Care Plan!

We are pleased to provide your pet with the preventive healthcare they deserve – all with the convenience of a predictable monthly subscription fee, and special savings built in.

Sign up today, and enjoy the benefits right away. Monthly fees are based on pet species and weight, plus a one-time sign-up fee of $35.  The plans are a 12-month contract that will auto renew unless canceled upon renewal.

Pet Care Plans include preventive exams, services and products as detailed here.

Wellness Plan Monthly Cost:

*Cat Plan- $45/month

*Small Dog Plan- $51/month (up to 25 lbs as an adult)

*Medium Dog Plan- $53/month (25.1-50 lbs as an adult)

*Large Dog Plan- $58/month (50.1-100 lbs as an adult)

*Extra Large Dog Plan- $65/month (100.1-125 lbs as an adult)

*Giant Dog Plan- $83/month (125.1-150 lbs as an adult)

*Add Comprehensive Bloodwork for an additional $18/month!* 

Included in Plans:

  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Annual Vaccination
  • Annual Deworming (feline only)
  • FeLV/FIV/Heartworm Testing (feline only)
  • Heartworm Testing (canine only)
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening (canine only)
  • Mid-Year Physical Exam
  • 12- month supply Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention

PLUS: 10% off all Products and Services (excludes diets, grooming, rabies licenses and referral services)

Annual Saving Over $100 on your Pet Care Needs!!!

Pet Details

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If your pet is under one year of age, please select a plan that reflects your pet’s estimated adult weight.  If you would like to pay for your plan in full, please select an ANNUAL plan.  If you select an ANNUAL plan you will be charged for the full year.  If you would like to pay for the plan monthly, please scroll down past the Annual Plans and select the plan that fits your pet.

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